Information for Resellers

Have you ever wanted to run dozens of servers? All the while having no worries about server inventory, spare parts for repairs, network expansion, power availability, support staff, etc.? Becoming a Tailor Made Servers reseller can give you all those benefits and more!

Tailor Made Servers has been helping our resellers achieve growth levels that they couldn't imagine before. We have a large family of resellers from various countries around the world!

Unlike other companies, we tailor our reseller program to each individual company. We make sure that the servers they need are always available, and to offer them the most aggressive pricing to ensure an easy growth process that drives their business up.

Our resellers not only get the best prices, they also have priority access to new inventory, private sales and free upgrades!

Resellers also have access to our API that allows them to build Remote Reboot and rDNS functionality into their own helpdesks among other features.

Contact us today to join our reseller family and let us help grow your business today!